i hate wranglers

This is amazing. Its summer, I'm working, and I'm posting twice in one week! Mainly for the fact that I need to vent again. Not about the girls who occupied our house previously and couldn't clean up after themselves or their cat, but about wranglers, and more specifically, starched wranglers.

Now, I've never been particularly fond of cowboys and their two-sizes-too small jeans. (or anything country for that matter. like overplayed country songs. and you thought boulevard of broken dreams was hell, huh, Ian. but I'm getting off subject...) I don't understand how anyone in their right mind can find a cowboy attractive. I understand the purpose of the clothing for more functional reasons... but the appearance is one I personally find revolting. But to each his own, I suppose. My problems comes when said cowboys bring in umpteen pairs of jeans, and want them heavily starched and pressed. Honestly, how can they be comfortable like that? When you literally have to jump into your slacks, I think there are some serious mental issues there. Perhaps they've been with the cows just a little too long. At any rate, these jeans require a lot of work. First the starching, then the hang drying, then taking these boards, I mean pants, spraying them down with a mist until you can slightly manipulate the fabric, then pressing around the tops. That's the easy part. Then you have to spray down the legs. First one,then somehow wrestle with the leg until you get it lined up correctly (virtually impossible with the starch), then you press the front half of the leg, and leave it sitting for a good 10 minutes to dry. Then you press the back side of the leg. Then you repeat with the other leg. And not only do you have to worry about fighting the solid fabric, but wrangler's had this fabulous idea. "lets put metal bits everywhere on the tops of these jeans." For reinforcement, right? Nope. They wanted to brand their logo into the hands of every person who presses them. I've come close, but fortunately have managed to escape... so far. And not only is the metal hot, but the fabric is hot too, when its straight off the sizzling griddle, i mean press. Then you hang the jeans. Which really isn't an appropriate term. they kind of arch over the hanger, and the pants feel like cardboard. Then you start all over again on another pair.

Now, I really do like my job. The people are great, and I don't mind the laundry and pressing in general. I just take issue doing something that takes forever and seems to serve no point other than to torture the wearer of the jeans... really, and they PAY for it! Alas, it is something we must do. As for all the starched jean wearers out there, I have nothing but ill will, and wishes that your chicken is raw... wow, I need to stop listening to those country songs... *sigh*

on a final note, don't forget to check out the one campaign!