Frogs and the house

So, I think I'm gonna be not as good this year about posting, but oh well. In overview, I finished work, saw my aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandma, packed, moved back to school, celebrated one year of togetherness with Ian (I'd like to state, for the record, he's got to be the most incredible, sweetest, bestest boyfriend ever, and I would have said that before the cards and flowers!!) which was an amazing day, started classes, got my frogs, peanut, butter, and jelly, who are currently tadpoles but are at various stages of sprouting limbs as of this afternoon. I love my frogs. And for any of you who know how weird I am about my pets, yeah, nothing's changed. Moving right along, I've also been able to catch up with people. I've missed my roomies, and even if they're gone a lot for work, I get to see them more than I did this summer! Church is great, I've missed it, and I'm really looking forward to small groups, the girls I know in it are amazing, and I can't wait to meet the rest of them! And Brit and I are finally enrolled in a dance class, after 2 years of meaning to sign up. And it's great. Ian and Phil are so fun, as are Daniel and Megan! Anyway, I think that's all the big stuff. Oh, and classes should be fun, hard work, but fun. Poetry writing, British survey for English majors (early period starting with Beowulf, ending at the Renaissance), French 3, and the intellectual history of early China.

On to the house. It's been quite the adventure. Our roof has leaked 3 times in 4 different spots, the lawn is never mowed, the upstairs toilet started leaking, which is right above my bedroom, and threatened to drip through onto my bed, and Ian found a brown recluse to add to the list of unknown spiders that we have viewed throughout the house. No Ian, you cannot feed them to my frogs. So they fixed the roof, hopefully for good this time, the toilet is fixed, the lawn should be mowed in the next couple of days, and they are coming to spray at 11am on Friday, and since there was a brown recluse, they have to do something special, so we have to vacate for 4 hours. So, if you've got a free Friday afternoon, 3 girls, 3 tadpoles, and a Christmas cactus will be homeless... But don't worry, Karen and Kylie, it'll be safe and de-spidered when you guys arrived for the game. Yay football!

Now it's time for either homework, shower, or a nap. On a side note, that new perfume Beyonce is spokesmodeling for is potent stuff. So, if you spray in the store to smell it, make sure it doesn't get on you, or you could end up with a headache.

Le Fin.