Experiences at Hale

Two stories.

1. I was in the library after class the other day, passing time between British Survey and my enrollment advising meeting, and I chanced upon an empty sofa. A rare occurrence at Hale, as they're pretty amazing sofas and everyone knows this. So, I decided to enjoy the treat of an afternoon sofa nap. I was exhausted, I decided it would be beneficial to my well being if I crashed until my meeting. Brit says she's always worried she'll snore or something, but I didn't really care. If I snore, someone can wake me up. At any rate, the sofa that opened up was right behind this group of four female Chinese (I think) international students. If you don't know the arrangement at Hale, there are about 8-10 sofas on the first floor, arranged so they are alternately back to back and facing each other, making several areas where groups can get together and sit on two sofas and talk/study. So I'm lying on the sofa, eyes closed, and I can hear the girls talking. I had seen them when I sat down, so I know they were working on what appeared to be homework. I caught wisps of English in that familiar accent, when a few stood out to me: "vagina" and "condoms." Needless to say, not what I expected. I finally figured out that it was some lesson on birth control. Still my weirdest Hale experience to date. I did get a nice nap though!

2. Yesterday, I was chilling in the library again, doing a little devo. Natalie Lloyd writes one in Brio every month, and they're amazing. Anyway, it was about being quiet before God. We always get caught up in how busy our lives are, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Especially this past week, my busyness has forced me to totally rely on God for strength and the ability to get things done and done well, and He is there, always. It's an amazing thing to see Him work like that, and feel Him as a total support. But it's also important to take time for Him without the busyness. Natalie used Psalm 46:10, "be still and know that I am God." We know God, and see God, when we are still. We experience Him through that, and he gives us peace. Which totally fit with a verse I ended up reading (because God is amazing like that), Phil 4:7 "And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." When we take time out for Him, he gives us peace, which gives us strength and protection to live our lives for Him. And he rewards that. Yesterday was amazing, because He filled me with such joy! I can't remember the last time I have felt such deep and overwhelming joy... not happiness, but joy that overflows and you want to share with everyone! So, take time today, to just be quiet before God, to listen and appreciate who He is, and watch Him work in amazing ways in your life!