G-dub, live and in person

I've been meaning to do this since Monday, but finally have the time, since my 4-page poetry annotation is finished (on the poem "Fox Trot Fridays" by Rita Dove... highly recommend it, and now I can tell you all about how it functions as a poem.) and mon controle de francais est fini. So, I've just got the regular ton of homework for the weekend, and thought I'd catch everyone up. But first, a shameless plug: I posted a new poem on my other blog, feel free to check it out and comment!

Back to Bush. One of the most amazing experiences of my life to date... waiting in line from 8:45 a.m. until 12:15ish... I've never camped out for tickets before! Waiting again in line to get through security. There were protesters on the way in to Bramlage. And I heard whatshisface, the nutso abortion protester and his posse, were apparently there, but on the other side. I won't get started on that... but I have to say, maybe people die in wars, but inaction also was allowing countless deaths... yeah. Security was tight: metal detectors, I got wanded, pretty exciting. But I said bomb when we were sitting down, and they didn't do anything to me.

The whole shebang started off a bit late, but who cares, because it was definitely worth the wait. And everyone says Bush can't speak well... he did a fantastic job, and no matter what you think of him, you have to admire him for sticking to his values and making sure that he doesn't just say empty words. He backs up what he says he will do, and listens to the experts, not just popular opinion polls. And he's so down to earth, loves his wife, and is wildly hilarious... ribbing Senator Roberts by asking for hair advice (Roberts is bald, for those of you who don't know). And he handled the not-pre-selected questions very well. The Iraqi lady could have cut her comments a bit shorter, as with the immigration question. Immigration, one word, not a discourse on being Hispanic and how that includes everyone, Venezualan, Mexican, everyone, and what is Bush's plan to help legal and non-legal members of this community that are stateside. I wasn't impressed with the Brokeback Mountain question though...I mean, seriously, where is the respect for the office? Ditto about the wave before he came out... And this is totally not organized, but its been a long day of classes, and its the weekend, and I'm stuffed so the blood is not flowing to the brain. In conclusion, see Ian's blog for photos, and Bush looks great in purple!