Smalltown, Kansas

“Through a magnifying glass, the smoothest and whitest skins look rough and coarse and ill colored.”
~Gulliver’s Travels, Part 2

A tiny oasis breaks the vast horizon.
The remnant of a Leave-It-To-Beaver world
with perfectly manicured lawns,
smiling faces,
and the quintessential
American homes.

He broke the cardinal rule
of their open marriage.
His 53 women, her 47 men,
but then he brought one home.
She meets her lawyer tomorrow.

Student body president,
star basketball player,
and honor roll student,
heading back into town for more booze,
joking with the cops, who let them go,
then dying for the life they secretly hate.

There’s something a little bit,
funny, about him.
The son of two curious siblings
who went out to the field
for an afternoon of discovery.

A secret list down at the P.D.
The ones they can’t arrest for anything
short of murder.
The ones who always get
whatever they want.
The ones who make up
the oligarchy
in the middle of