UCYC so far

So, camp has been crazy but so much fun. The first week was "staff training" which is a nice way of saying that we learn games to use at camp, then do work projects that full time staff doesn't have a chance to do during the year. So, little Anna, who doesn't usually do manual labor (but does have some nice guns... lol!) got to spend a lot of the week mulching and moving brush. I got dirty, sweaty, and had an all around good time bonding with the other summer staff, who are all absolutely amazing! We also got to do some of the activities, like the rock wall, leap of faith, fun stuff like that, and off site as well. Which brings me to fun story of the summer number one. When we went off site, I decided that I wanted to try mountain biking, which I've never done before. I ended up near the back, so I could go slower. But I ended up biffing it withing the first five minutes... yay for accidents with blood! My bike got messed up, but Jenn was amazing, and helped me out, stuck with me, gave me tips, and I did much better, with one exception: I fell again on the first bump of the whoopdeedoos. So everyone was far ahead, and Jenn and Alesia decided to stop, but I thought, hey, I'm on a roll, I'll keep going. Two seconds later, I hear Jarred yelling my name, and he comes chasing after me. Apparently, I missed a turn, so now Jarred is my mountain biking hero. I could have ended up lost all alone (McMurray, Weston, and Roxanna also missed the same turn, and were gone for a couple hours). And I have some sweet scars on my left arm, that I will proudly display for anyone that asks! :D

Camps, obviously have started. I've had so much fun, and I discovered that I really enjoy hanging out with little kids. They are adorable, and love you to pieces! Two weeks ago, we had middle school camp, which was completely different than kids camps. But my initiative group, with Ashley and Aisha, was Parkway, with awesome counselors and everything, and it turns out that Jenny, one of the interns, is actually on the soccer team at MCC, and goes to UCC, and we've seen each other before... so crazy! AND, the senior minister is Trent Renner, from good old O-Town... small world! But they were an amazing group, I'm going to miss them so much! As well as so many different kids from the camps... *sigh* But computer time is short... I'll try to write more as I get the chance!