A new semester is here!

So its been a while since my last post, mainly due to the fact that camp has kept me so ridiculously busy, and then moving and such... The second half of camp was amazing! Ian came down over 4th of July weekend, and for my birthday, and we had a dandy time eating sushi, watching movies, going to the amazing Watson Lake, and attending a world famous rodeo, where you could purchase bras with diamond studs in the straps for only $150... seriously, who buys a bra at a rodeo... Anyway, camp was pretty incredible, and I have so many stories. Perhaps eventually they will get posted here, or transformed in my fiction writing class and posted on my creative blog. Or you could ask me... just a thought.:)

The past two weeks have been nuts though. There was Jess and Reuben's wedding, followed by the last week of camp, filled with goodbyes and moving to a different house for three days so they could get the loft ready for Jess and Reuben to move in when they got back from their honeymoon, me being on paintball, my first week out of the store all summer, and hanging out in Chandler with Katrina and seeing They Met in L.A. in concert, then being taken to the airport by Ashley the next day, where we had a lovely what if we died conversation, and then I went through crazy security two days after the whole terrorist catching no liquids on the plane bit, and got held up by the wire rim in my cowboy hat. I arrived at Denver that Saturday afternoon safe and sound to be greeted by my family, visited Ian's family and it was fantastic to see them, by the way! Sunday was church and Monday was a dentist appointment and massage appointment, Tuesday was a doctor's appointment then moving back for school. I've been slowly unpacking in the new apartment (If you can, stop by and say hi!) and this weekend was seeing Ian for the first time in a month and a half, as well as celebrating Ian and I's two year anniversary, with an amazing dinner at Pachamama's and hanging out and watching movies, and moving him into his apartment and studio.

And classes have started. I'm actually super excited about my classes. I've got intro to fiction writing, Whitman and Dickinson (upper level english, AND american lit requirement in one!) history of Christianity with "crocodile Bob," who is absolutely amazing, and my dad took the class with him and loved, and Harry Potter's Library, which will be a lot of reading and work, but will be so much fun! And my last big news is I started copy editing for the Collegian, which I'm loving! Yay for fun people to work with! At any rate, I'm super excited about the semester. I hope everyone had a great summer, and didn't die for lack of Anna-blogging... your resuscitation is here!

the end... for now.