an engaged kiss

It's been over a month since we got engaged, but I have been so busy! So, here is the story in all its glory.

Ian proposed June 21 (we started dating August 21 almost 3 years ago, so it was an anniversary, of sorts), and he completely surprised me! He sent me flowers at work, which was, while not an every day event, not out of the ordinary either. He had suggested we make dinner that night, so after work, and after he did some things in studio, he came over, we made some supper, and decided to go over the last lesson in the financial study my parents gave us. Since it was beautiful outside, Ian said we should enjoy it, and I suggested a walk. We gathered everything, put it in his book bag (which I later learned was also ring transportation), and headed out. He went the opposite direction of the park, but I didn't think about it... after all, the walk was my idea! He suggested Manhattan Hill since it had "been a while." On the way, we went over the study, and also saw a ginormous cricket!

We got up to Manhattan Hill, where we had our talk to officially start the relationship, and finished up the lesson. Then I started reminiscing about sitting up there when we started dating (the perfect segue, he informed me later). He reached into his book bag, but I thought he was just putting the pen away or something. And then he started talking about how amazing he thinks I am, and how I make him a better man, and at first, I thought, "is he going to propose?" Then I thought, "nah..." but he kept talking, and then it clicked, "wow, he's going to propose! It really was a ring he grabbed!" He got up to turn around and get on one knee. I reminded myself to say yes, so I don't remember his words perfectly, but something along the lines of "will you be my wife?" Then he slipped the ring on my finger. We hugged... a lot! And then we prayed, and that's when I cried. After, I told him how movies gloss over the unromantic bits, like how you get the sniffles when you cry. But the fireflies were amazing up on the hill that night!

And afterward, we walked out to the parking lot, and a huge group of our friends were there to help us celebrate! It was so amazing! We went back to my apartment to all have a toast with the wine Ian got for all of us.

We're planning a New Year's Eve wedding (weekday, not an official holiday, so the reception place is half the weekend rate, whohoo!). You can check out our wedding Web site at theknot.com