the studio bat

I had a wonderful time hanging out with Karen last Sunday, making dinner, being "momma Anna" as she says, hah! I feel so old! But she told me she's disappointed I don't update my blog anymore. And I decided that I should get back in the habit. One, I can keep everyone posted on wedding planning/interesting things, and two, I'll keep doing it when we get to Philly for Ian's internship, post-wedding, since we'll be leaving (but only for 8 months, don't kill us!)

So I guess that's big news number 1 — Ian officially got the internship at Olin Partnerships in Philly, which is a big deal if you know landscape architecture (if you don't, don't feel bad, I only know this because I'm marrying one!). He's a big name, and someone Ian hugely respects and admires.

Wedding update

I have a dress... but I can't show you or tell you, because it's secret from Ian.
We have locations (UCC/Houston Street Ballroom).
We have a caterer (Edesias).
We have bridesmaid dresses ordered and tuxes picked out.
We have flower girl dresses...

sophie and margaux

and fill-in bride doubles for me... hah!

mini brides

We have an AMAZING photographer, Gina Dreher (ginadreherphotography.com), and you can see some of our engagement pictures from last night... they're on her blog, which is linked from her Web site.

We're currently working on flowers... which, fyi, are so much more expensive than you would guess...! I've got an appointment after work to talk to a florist in town, but a big possibility is using Acme (where Ian buys me flowers from... very sentimental), and having a florist Ian's family knows in Burlington to come and arrange them for us. We'll see what works out!

Now, hopefully you've continued reading because you're curious about the studio bat. A week or two ago, Ian had some work to do, and I'm making a scrapbook that will double as our guestbook. I went to studio with him to keep him company and work on that. There was one other guy, John, up there, and he was over at Ian's desk talking about a virus his computer had, and all that. Suddenly, Ian stopped and said, "Did you see that? Something's in here!" We had left the big overhead lights off, so the high ceilings weren't illuminated. John and I watched, and sure enough, after patiently waiting a few moments, we saw something dark swoop across studio. Well, a few weeks before that, a student downstairs was bitten by a bat and he had to get a rabies shot. We decided to get the bat out. We turned the lights on, and the bat settled on a rafter. I was actually a little excited, because I'd never seen a live bat in person before. We turned the light back off, and Ian and John started throwing things at it, just to get it to fly. We had opened all the windows, and had brooms to shoo it, but, it didn't fly low enough to ever make it out. Eventually, we gave up. But apparently, if I remember right, Nathan said they spotted a bat downstairs in studio... I guess the thing loves Seaton. Maybe he'll learn to design amazing spaces! Either that, or the building has a tasty bug population...