An interesting week...

And I mean interesting in a good way! I meant to post on Wednesday, because it was an exciting day, but I got carried away working on bulletin and newsletter stuff, and then there was small group... so, you'll get a recap. But first, today!

Today is a beautiful, cool, rainy fall day. I was going to crack out a sweater, but decided not to because of dance class later tonight... I love fall, and I love rain! I want to curl up tonight with the brown blanket (micro-fleece at Target, AMAZING!) and Ian, and read Pride and Prejudice, or watch Casablanca or something. And today's wedding update: I picked up proof copies of our invites... we'll have a little tweaking to do, but we should have final copies, cut and everything, by next Friday! Then comes the addressing... *sigh*

On to this past week.

Tuesday. Ian and I got our TV from the Herringtons. It's fun to add to our "our stuff" collection (which grows with every wedding shower!)... and it's nice to have a TV again... we can actually do group movie watching! And we get 6 channels with our antennae. CBS, FOX, ABC, a couple channels I couldn't rapidly identify, and something I can't remember what it is now. We got the armoire for it, but it wouldn't easily go up the stairs, and since it's only for 2.5 months... and the Herringtons are letting us keep it in their garage, it works well.

Wednesday. I got up from my desk to grab something from the closet, then came back to see the craziest bug behind my chair... actually right behind where my head usually is. After freaking out a little, I got Ben to come check it out. It had so many legs, and started moving. We decided it was too amazing to kill, so we herded it out the front door. And then we found it online — it's a house centipede.

According to Wikipedia, "Unlike its shorter-legged but much larger tropical cousins, the house centipede can live its entire life inside a building. Because they eat household pests, house centipedes are considered among the most beneficial creatures that inhabit human dwellings, but because of their alarming appearance, frightening speed, and painful bite, few homeowners are willing to share a home with them." But they apparently don't bite people often. And they can live 3-7 years depending on the environment. God is incomprehensibly creative!

The second exciting thing that happened Wednesday is wedding related. Ian and I had a Google chat with Micah, who has so graciously agreed to use his artistic film-related talents to capture our wedding. His ideas: "what I'd like to do is use the wedding service as kind of the base of the video but not just go right through it with just footage from there. I'd like to put in a "B roll" of stuff surrounding the day and maybe even get some shots of places in Manhattan that are important to you." Ian and I both are so excited! We don't want a boring, rather-have-teeth-pulled video to watch. I know, with Micah, it's going to be incredible and we'll watch it over and over!

Anyway, I shall leave you... the bulletins are done printing, and I must attend to Dorothy (the newly renamed folding machine, that is now working beautifully!).