Ice storms and a place to live in Philly!

I'm writing this as I wait for bulletins to finish printing, so this is going to be short — I have to be done in time for us to leave for Ian's cousin's graduation from Pitt State, then it's back home to see Caleb in the fall play (usually it's in November, long story).

This past week has been pretty crazy. Monday I was sick. Monday night was a crazy ice storm and our power went out, early Tuesday morning it came back for two hours, then went out again. Meanwhile, I was still sick. The power came back on later Tuesday, but so many people still don't have electricity, and might not for another week or so. It's crazy, and not that I like it, but it's amazing to see a community of our size come together. Friends offer places to stay, media works hard to make sure everyone has information they need, electric companies work day and night to fix everything, and people from other states come in to help. And it's beautiful outside. Yesterday the sun was shining and melted a lot, but it looked like the world was encrusted with diamonds. A little cliche, I know, but I don't have time to think of a more unique description. And no matter how you say it, it was gorgeous!

Point two. WE HAVE AN APARTMENT IN PHILLY! Right near the museum... THE museum with the Rocky stairs. 8th floor, great view, so who care's if it's a small studio apartment. It'll be cozy!

Well, bulletins are calling. Have a lovely day, and appreciate your energy sources.