Final Dessert Pack Soda Review, and the (messy) apartment

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who has commented... here, via Facebook, phone calls, etc. It makes me feel good to know someone (actually, lots of someones!) are reading this! Motivation to keep it up, anyway!

Tonight our shiny building is sparkling blue again, but i think it's blinking faster than last time... more like, static. And those four in a row are still blinking all together. They should fix that.

Our jobs are going well. Ian hit the ground running after his two day bout with the flu (which he enjoyed, once he stopped throwing up, by watching 6 episodes of LOST in one day). He's working on a project at Duke, and it's due at the end of the month, so he'll be working a little later, and more. But don't worry. It's still less than studio back at home! I'm still enjoying Chocolate by Mueller. When you all come to visit, we'll take you to Reading Terminal Market (yes, as in Reading Railroad... Monopoly! Speaking of Monopoly, there's a building with a large Monopoly iron and red Sorry piece in front of it... I walk past it on my way to and from work). This past weekend we just enjoyed wandering around Philly a little bit more, grocery shopping, and we bought a plant. It's tropical, and we named it Jin. From LOST, because Jin is Korean and married to Sun. And so our plant Jin loves the sun... get it? Okay, yeah, we're weird.

Funny story. Walking around this weekend, we get to this crosswalk (there are tons of crosswalks everywhere... it's like a giant board game... except more dangerous.... dant dant daaaa), and we see this guy in crazy bright clothes, and he says to this other guy, who's in a suit, looks a little... flamboyant, and is really tall and awkward — think Abraham Lincoln without the stovepipe hat and facial hair... and more... pretty — anyway, the first guy says, "are we dancing?" and the other guy says "maybe!" then throws his head back and laughs this ah hahahaha laugh... really weird, just like Lord Farquaad in Shrek, then he runs across the street (in the crosswalk, of course), limbs flying everywhere. Ian and I laughed so hard. Then he said something about it being a weird interaction with a gigolo and a maybe customer, and I got all creeped out by what that conversation could have meant. You get everything in the big city. But it's entertainment, right?

So Monday night, Ian and I decided it was time to crack open the final dessert pack Jones Soda: Apple Pie. It's in three parts because my camera kept running out of memory (forgot to delete all those wedding photos off the camera after transferring them. They'll be on Facebook soon, hopefully!). However, part one, for some reason, isn't cooperating. It's stuck on my camera, and I can't get it to play even on there. So, basically, it's three minutes of Ian filming me "waiting" for me to sit down so we can review the final soda. Except he didn't tell me he was waiting and already filming. Followed by our sniffy-sniffs (he's started doing that to other words now, like, foldy-fold.... silly goose). Basically, we got a lot of cream soda, little apple, and it reminded me of my grandpa because he'd cut up bananas and put it in milk with vanilla and sugar. And I forgot he did that, and that I used to do that too, until I smelled it. So I liked it even before trying it, while Ian was less than impressed. Okay. You're ready to watch part 2, the first video. The second video is part 3, which also includes a quick run-through of the apartment. Please forgive the boxes... and the unmade bed. We both went to work, and I didn't get up in time to make it before we left... and we did the videos almost right after we came home.

Apple Pie: 90

So I hope that was enjoyable. It's getting late, so we're going to bed. Goodnight!