My thankful list

Micki challenged everyone to write a thankful list. I've been meaning to for some time, but haven't gotten around to it until now. So here it is. Incomplete, ever growing, and in no particular order.

God's countless blessings in my life, always undeserved.
my amazing, handsome husband.
my family, which has now doubled.
my friends.
visits from family and friends we miss.
Jane Austen.
C.S. Lewis.
our view of the sparkly building.
my great jobs with such amazing people.
Ian's job and all it's opportunities.
Ian's love of cooking, and willingness to cook for us often.
our warm cozy microfleece blankets and amazing comforter.
lovely, large wooden recipe boxes.
Charlie, my cuddly teddy bear.
The Chronicles of Narnia.
good movies.
dates with Ian.
Grandma's recipes.
vanilla pudding pie.
grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup.
chocolate chip cookie dough.
warm fuzzy boots.
rain boots.
my apron.
our now-growing plumeria sticks.
candles and bubble baths.
spring — with trees turning green and flowers blooming.
purple tulips, because he loves me.
our Wii.
bamboo sheets.
a sink that drains.
both my moms finishing treatment and growing hair.
girl bonding time.
a return to Kansas with family and friends.
making amazing friends in new places.
churches that feel like home.
challenging Bible studies.
a full book shelf.
a dad who can answer all our tax questions.
cards in the mail.
ice skating.
symphonies and classical music.
answered prayer.
knowing that despite my flaws, God uses me to do his work.
football games.
phone calls from friends.
sliced bananas in milk, vanilla, and sugar, just like Grandpa.

I could keep going, but I'll stop for the time being. I plan to revisit this topic often, and like Micki, challenge you to do the same. This past week's sermon at Tenth was about how we should depend on God for everything, but often let our happiness and contentment rest in things, the preoccupation of acquiring things we think will make us happy, and the security of having money. Our true needs are very basic, and have nothing to do with a full closet or a large financial portfolio. We should be good stewards of what God gives us, but we should always remember, first, that God gives it to us, it is a blessing we do not deserve, and that we should use it to do his work. This list, I know, will help me keep that in perspective. All of what I have is a gift, and I am truly and deeply thankful.