Our complex is (figuratively) exploding today.

I shall update you on the past couple of exciting weeks for Ian and I, but first, I have to share my current frustration. We have received, in the past several weeks, several notices. First, the vents in our apartment units in our building will be cleaned, scheduled for last Friday. Fine, we're both at work on Fridays. Second notice. They will continue it, TODAY. Third notice, on our doors and in the elevators. They will be testing the fire alarm system between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., TODAY. Fourth notice. They will be testing decibel levels in random apartments on our floor, TODAY. So, around 10 a.m. the fire alarms, which are extremely loud, start going off, over and over again. I think I'm going to go crazy. So I leave the apartment to do some shopping, hoping it will be over when I come back. Our apartment complex is renovating. This is good. But this means I have to walk around the usual entrance, over squishy wet outdoor carpet (since it rained this morning). Usually the renovation part gets me excited, but we're leaving before it will be all finished, so we don't get to enjoy what we are putting up with right now to get. Frustrating. I get back, and find out the testing is on and off all day. I unplug the alarm buzzer in our room, but the floor's hallway alarm still is loud. I can't leave, because I have to do the church newsletter today. Then the people come to clean the vents. Actually, they are here right now. Scraping the vents, and they have this air pressure blower thing... and they are making a mess on the carpet I just vacuumed. And someone else still might come to check decibel levels. I'm going to be glad when 5 p.m. rolls around and it's all over.

Anyway, moving on to the past couple weeks. Two Thursdays ago, we returned to Manayunk and the Bayou to watch the 'Cats with Mark, and witness a first round win. Our excitement was later matched by our disappointment at our loss in the next game. We could have won. *sigh* That Saturday, we hung out with Amit, an awesome new friend from church and our bible study. He's Indian and works at Comcast, and he is hilarous, not to mention just a great all around guy. Sunday, a.k.a. Easter, we went to church, which was an amazing service, followed by dinner with some other new friends from church. Charity, who's parents are missionaries in the Philippines, hosted us, and she is an amazing cook! It was so nice to get to know people at church a little better, and enjoy such wonderful fellowship. We are so thankful for this blessing!

The next Tuesday brought another exciting event we had been anticipating since the wedding, but weren't sure when it would actually happen. We got our very own Wii! It's so much fun to play together, and we get good exercise, too.

wii can play tonite
making ian's mii

The next exciting event was Friday/Saturday. Friday, when Ian was gifted two amazing tickets to the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, and Saturday, when we experienced the symphony in all its glory. Before the symphony, we discovered the culinary excellence available at Porcini. It's this tiny, fantastic Italian restaurant. And it isn't horribly expensive, either!! After dinner, we walked to the Kimmel Center, home to the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra. It is such a beautiful building!

inside the kimmel center
the kimmel center roof

And we had great seats!!

the philadelphia symphony orchestra
anna and ian after the symphony

Sunday, on our way home from church, we ran into a Greek/Olympic parade/presentation — very interesting!

Take two — we ran out of memory on the first one.

It was nice enough to take a walk, so later we wandered around the museum, took photos, laughed about the Argentinean team that was touring the museum area and growing very excited about Rocky...

the logan square fountain is on
The fountain in Logan Square is now on!
ian with his philadelphia tumbler
Ian with his new Philadelphia travel mug from Starbucks.
anna at the philadelphia art museum
Me in front of the art museum.
argentinean team + rocky statue
the Argentinean team in front of the Rocky statue.

Finally, I shall leave you with my new favorite Ian photo. First, a premise. Terri, my awesome boss, sent a couple Easter eggs home with me the other day. Coconut cream and dark chocolate Easter eggs. Giant, one-pound coconut cream and dark chocolate Easter eggs. Now I would have said we should cut off bits. But Ian, eager to try it, decides to bite off the end. A funny photo session ensued.

ian eating the 1 lb. easter egg

The End.