A family (including Emily!) weekend!

It is a beautiful day in the apartment — cool, a little cloudy, but not pouring. It makes for the perfect temperature inside with the window open (as much as it will go).

I'm behind on blogging — it has only been a couple weeks, but so much has happened, so I'm going to break it into two posts. The first being the Ian's family plus Emily weekend up to our Boston trip. I'll post about that trip soon!

Ian's family plus Emily arrived Friday afternoon, and it was so good to see them! We ate at Caribou Cafe, which was an amazing French restaurant. Or maybe French Canadian. At any rate, I finally had steak frites — steak and fries, a very popular French dish I've read about so much in French class, and very much wanted to try. And they had this fantastic bread pudding — I think maybe the best I've ever had. We got to hang out, wander around Rittenhouse Square (which is a hopping place in the evenings, apparently), run into everyone leaving the Obama rally, play Wii, AND Micki cut Ian and I's hair! Ian just got a trim, but I finally did my Locks of Love donation. It amounted to 14 inches, unbraided.

donating 12-inch braid
cutting the ponytail
finished locks of love haircut
Yay new haircut! Thanks Micki!

Saturday was a great day — we had beautiful weather all weekend! We visited Olin Partnership, the market, Penn's campus, the Italian Market, saw this amazing street full of cherry blossoms, ate dinner at a restaurant near Eastern State Penitentiary...

the family at penn
hopscotch, penn style
chalking at Penn.
Feeding the pigeon.

cherry blossoms down the street
ian eating ribs

Sunday was church, then us girls went to 1154 Lill to make purses!!

emily and micki designing purses
emily and anna designing purses

After our outing (the boys drove around Temple's campus), the guys picked us up and we went to the Museum of Art.

the agnew clinic | thomas eakins
french gothic chapel and composite triple window | three rondels (triple window) attributed to the master of the life of saint john the baptist
family and the philly skyline
dane and micki

Then we ate at Audrey Claire. It was fantastic! My number 2 dining experience ever (And that's only because the restaurant we ate at in Dallas was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.) I had chicken with a pomegranate molasses — it could make you cry, and everything was great! It's a very minimal restaurant. No huge sign, small dining area, no decorations. Just simple tables, plain walls, and fabulous food. What a great experience! Monday, we drove around Laurel Hill Cemetery, which was a sprawling and extremely old cemetery. It was beautiful! We all had lunch, then they had to catch their plane. All in all it was a great weekend, and we're very thankful for our time together!

The following week was fairly uneventful, but the next weekend we had lots of fun! We explored the Institute of Natural Sciences, which is the location of the bear ice sculpture Ian fake licked. Actually, that sculpture was for the Polar Bears to Penguins traveling exhibit which was in it's final weekend — the reason we went.

ian with a fossil
academy of natural sciences butterfly exhibit
ian compares his weight to polar bears
Ian sees how his weight compares to a polar bear (barely the same as a 9-month-old cub)
anna and a polar bear

After seeing everything, we went to a little theater downtown and saw Othello, and they pulled of a fantastic production of it! All of the actors are local, and the theater puts on about four productions every season.

Well, that's about everything up to our Boston trip, so stay tuned!