happy birthday, my incredible husband!

So I feel like a very prolific blogger right now (this is the fifth post this month), and I'm sure my readers don't check this often enough to keep up right now, hah! But there are lots of photos in all June's previous posts (especially the New York one, which is the first in June), so if you're interested, keep scrolling down! I also added all the short videos I forgot to add before. But instead of searching all previous posts, you can find them all at our youtube channel (also linked on the right). But I'll keep this short. I just wanted to dedicate a post to my wonderful husband's birthday! I made him dinner and then we enjoyed a carrot cake from Termini Bros. (the Italian Bakery I stare at all day when I'm at work) while watching Monsters Inc.

ian peeks over his birthday cake
Ian with his cake.
anna kissing ian kissing cake
me kissing Ian kissing the cake...

The downer is I discovered, after getting home from work, the ceiling was leaking (on Ian's birthday! seriously, how many things can go wrong in one apartment in 8 months?). They did come right away (as in 20 minutes after I personally went to the management office to let them know) and said it is probably the AC upstairs. The painters are supposed to come today, along with people to shampoo that spot of carpet. It did stop dripping last night and is starting to dry. I just don't think they should actually paint until it is completely dried...

our leaking ceiling