David, a.k.a. C-Scale

First off, I have to say happy birthday to my dad! I think this is my favorite photo of him. I can't look at ivy/vines without thinking of him and his pride in Cornell's ivy. I love you, Dad!

dad is proud of that ivy

I realize I have lots to post to get you up-to-date. Ian and I's day at the aquarium, Jordan and Karen's overlapping visits, moving preparations... and I will get to that. But I had an experience that I want to share with everyone. Yesterday after work as I was leaving the market, I saw a man playing the harmonica on the street corner.

david, a.k.a. c-scale

Tall and lanky with old glasses so thick they appeared to be yellowing, he was playing, with such passion, a tune I didn't recognize. A few people slowed just enough to toss change into his plastic-bag-covered box, but didn't pause long enough to actually take in the scene. They were too busy engaged in their own conversations. I glanced back and smiled again before calling Ian as I walked further from the market. No answer. I could still hear the harmonica. I had to go back and give him the little cash I had. I couldn't ignore a person who had suddenly brought such joy to my day. As I dropped my dollar into his box, he enthusiastically said "thank you, my sister!" with the largest missing-teeth smile I've ever seen. I asked him if he did this often. He replied he was an aspiring street musician. He played the guitar, but there were too many people who played the guitar, so he was learning harmonica. His previous song had been "Let's Twist Again." His name is David, but he goes by C-Scale, because he plays everything in C scale. I gave him some words of encouragement, and asked for a photo. He played a short song just for me, so I could take the picture. He said he was on myspace, and sent me off with a "see you around the block" and another "thank you, my sister!"

I should no longer find it strange how such a small, simple interaction can make such a big impact on the people involved. I should remember more how much it means to someone when you pay attention, saying with your time that they are worth something. And you both walk away with that deep-down joy. I think on how this is what God does. He reminds us with his unconditional love that we are priceless to him. I cannot fathom the joy he gets from this when we respond with acceptance and gratitude. And I'm glad he lets us experience all of this through those around us.