I'm tired of you, Anonymous.

So the Phillies made the World Series. And everyone there is excited. It's enough to make me contemplate retracting my statement that I would never cheer for them, because their fans are jerk-faces who can't realize it's JUST a game. This is, of course, generally speaking from our experience, both as opposing-team fans at a Cubs vs. Phillies game, and as objective observers at two other Phillies games. At our first game, we were verbally attacked multiple times at the game and cussed at out car windows when we were walking dejectedly home, 30 minutes away from the stadium. At another game, we witnessed a crowd of teenagers cussing loudly and making lewd remarks (spurred by a 50-something woman who was completely intoxicated and flashed the crowd) in front of a large group of young children. Their fans are known to be horrible, although not as "passionate" as Eagles fans.

Despite all this I was making a slow transition until tonight, when I get a comment from "Anonymous" who says "get over yourself and go back to your state, we don't even want you in philly." (If you're such a proud Philadelphian and Phillies fan, why can't you take responsibility for your words?)

Thanks, we got that message at our first game, multiple times with multiple words I will not repeat. Obviously you didn't read the post to see the reasons for my position. I'm not thinking about myself. I'm thinking about the thousands of people you cannot behave decently towards because you can't get over yourself. You are only reinforcing my conclusion. I'm horrified at how you, to "support" your team, verbally attack anyone not wearing Phillies gear. I don't believe anything, sports, politics, religion, gives you an excuse to to treat another human being like dirt. How is that supporting a team? I can't bring myself to join a group of people who, collectively, act in this manner.

Having said that, I do know some great Phillies fans: friends from church, William (the homeless guy near our old apartment), and others. And for their sakes, and their sakes only, I will be happy if the Phillies win.