NYC take 2 with the Lion

Ian's out with some of his landscape architecture friends, so I'm taking advantage of me-time and catching up (a little!) with blogging! I'll start where I left off: Jordan's visit in July. He arrived super early on a Saturday morning, later than he planned due to the Greyhound bus driver accidentally driving all the way to Jersey. We still made it to the Bolt Bus stop in time for our ride to NYC, and met up with Carissa when we got there. We have 182 photos from this two-day excursion, so I'll get right to the photo highlights!

We started out in Bryant Park, design by Olin.

morning @ bryant park
This was the carousel we sat by, and where were approached by an man who needed grocery money.

As we were walking, we ran across the Naked Cowboy.

the naked cowboy and elvis

Ian and Jordan chilled at Columbus Circle.

ian and jordan @ columbus circle

We accidentally ended up on Fifth Avenue, and saw the Dolce & Gabbana store. Freaky. America is so materialistic.

members only off fifth avenue
This was an interesting members-only cool enclave we saw around there.

We saw this amazing jazz band while hanging out in Central Park.
when i grow up? a drummer.
This cute little kid was fascinated by the drummer.

We walked down Park Avenue.

650 park avenue

We saw the waterfalls installed as artwork by Olafur Eliasson, who was featured at the MoMA on our last NYC visit.

olafur eliasson waterfall installation

We herded onto the Staten Island Ferry. It was a lot of people!

boarding the ferry

*A funny video, again, since Ian doesn't tell me when he starts filming.

ian & anna in nyc

I found a web site that says that one ferry can carry 4440 passengers. That's a lot of life vests.

life jackets

We visited Trinity Church, which completes, basically, our tour of National Treasure filming spots.

trinity church

The day we were at Trinity Church happened to be Alexander Hamilton's death day, hence, the flowers.

roses for alexander

Ian, as our tour guide, explained the design theory behind the park across from Ground Zero.

ian becomes a tour guide
ground zero
Ground Zero, 7 years later.

Ian, Jordan, Carissa, and I stopped to eat pizza after a LONG day of walking. My feet hurt. And that wasn't the end of our walking that day!

new york pizza

We walked past the New York Stock Exchange.


And walked halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge. I found it a little scary, suspended over water and high speed traffic, but it was a beautiful view!

skyline from brooklyn bridge

We made our pilgrimage to the Apple Store. The actual store is underground. Above ground is a glass box, with a round glass elevator and a glass spiral staircase. Below is heaven.

nyc apple store

The guys stayed with a couple of Carissa's church friends in Brooklyn, and I stayed with Carissa at Fordham. Sunday morning we took the train back into the city, and got off at Grand Central Station.

tracks 111 & 112
Here's a random platform.

Ian tried to feed a squirrel some bacon.

ian feeds bacon to a squirrel

But apparently the squirrel was vegan. One sniff and he retreated.

We visited another award-winning park, designed by Thomas Balsley, a pompous jerk. The park now has overgrown bamboo, lots of trash behind that orange wall, and creepy homeless people. No dog run, though. When we listened to his lecture, Balsley emphasized he tries to put in dog runs in every project he does, because apparently that's what makes a space successful. Can you tell I'm not impressed?

capitol plaza

We ran into a cool park on the way from creepy park, I mean Capitol Plaza, to the bus stop. It was simple and relaxing.

vertical meets horizontal

That's the end for now! I'll continue sometime soon (hopefully) with Jordan and Karen's overlapping visits in Philly, and our remaining time there and trip back to Kansas!