Our final weeks in Philly

Another in my efforts to catch up! Here I'll semi-detail our final days in Philly, again, with lots of help from fun photos! First up, we finally made it to see the Real Pirates exhibit at the Franklin.

the whydah's bell
Here's the bell of the Whydah, the Pirate ship the exhibit explores.
pirate artifacts
These are some of the artifacts they had on display (photographs apparently weren't permitted... oops).
the whydah re-creation
Here's the replica of the ship.
ian tries to keep his eyes open
Here's us before our IMAX presentation. This is take 4. Ian couldn't keep his eyes open in the prior photos, so this is his attempt to keep them open.
view from the franklin
Here's the view from the steps of the Franklin. This is where Riley was sitting waiting for the clues from the kid, if you're a National Treasure fan.

Ian was feeling a little under the weather this day, so after we got home, he took some DayQuil. The following is the photo series of him taking his medicine.

ian + dayquill part 3
ian + dayquill part 1
ian + dayquill part 5
ian + dayquill part 6
ian + dayquill part 7

Before leaving, we also went to South Jersey with Fred and Laura to indulge in an authentic Filipino restaurant, which has a Filipino channel on, and a grocery store. Here's Ian with the canned squid in natural ink we discovered.

canned squid "in natural ink"

We went back up to Olin so Ian could get more work done, but on the way home we tried some old-fashioned ice cream at The Franklin Fountain. The prices weren't old fashioned. Ouch. But it was tasty!

$10 ice cream
ice cream kisses
Kissy picture, because it's fun!

The next day was back in studio. I got bored, so I made art with the gummies. Here, the school of Swedish fish is trying to escape two dinosaurs. Note the dinosaurs got one, which they ripped in half.

dinos attacking swedish fish

After our final bible study, we enjoyed some dinner at The Urban Saloon with our good friends, Luke and Amit. Ian had a burger with peanut butter on it!

luke, amit, and ian

On our very last weekend, we squeezed in the Pennsylvania Dutch Festival and the historic circuit.

amish donut makers
Here's the Amish making the best doughnuts you will ever experience.
ian cries over amish donuts
As demonstrated by Ian.

We took a lunch break from the Constitution Center, which we visited after the market, and Ian had fun "feeding" the birds in Independence Mall.

All of this, of course, was squeezed between Ian working on projects and us packing. Talk about crazy! But we enjoyed every final moment of our 8-month honeymoon!