springtime thanks for...

a God who knows where we'll be in 6 months, even when we don't.
a husband who loves me and wants to take the best care of me.
a husband who pursues the passion and talents God gave him.
allergy medicine, even though it makes me sleepy.
family willing to house us if a job doesn't materialize immediately.
friends who give me an excuse to watch Dancing with the Stars.
Perspectives, for growing my faith and opening my eyes to new truths in God's Word.
the opportunity, even if it's only in videos and photos, to see joy radiating from the faces of unreached people groups when they hear about God's love, sacrifice, grace and redemption. I get teared up just thinking about the beauty in the peoples God loves.
Megan's cheesecake brownie cupcakes.
paper shredders helping me safely discard old financial papers.
Pixar's previews on Facebook from their upcoming movie UP.
the summer trip to see the Filipino side of my family.
people who read my blog. (Thanks!)
the amazing people I work with (both staff and volunteers).
cuticle cream, to help me stop picking at them.
cheese. I love cheese.
C. S. Lewis.
the annual church garage sale — we can support missions AND get rid of things that would bog down our move.
our friends finding jobs.
being able to laugh at my passport photo.
our tulips growing better since repotting.
our herbs not dying (not yet anyway!).
my Sigg water bottle so I don't get dehydrated at work.
the weather finally acting more like spring.