a foray into beauty pageantry

photo from @bworcester via twitpic

Anna? Beauty pageants? What? Yeah, I know.

This weekend at church we concluded the Surfing the "'Inner"net sermon series with "YouTube — What does your life look like?" Ben and Storm created fun short video clips for most of the weeks, each with a humorous take on the Web site inspiration for the sermon. For this past week, of course that involved making staff-reenacted spoofs of some YouTube viral videos. Anna was selected for the Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question. I borrowed Courtney's prom dress, threw on my old prom jewelry and applied three times the amount of makeup I'd normally wear when dressing up. And boy was it fun! Storm did the video editing, and it turned out pretty good!

Mine wasn't the only one though. Ian faked a dentist-induced high for David After Dentist, David donned a white lab coat for Will It Blend? — iPhone, and Josh got his groove on for Numa Numa Guy. What can I say, we're a talented church staff. Don't believe me? Check it out!

  • Ian After Dentist
  • Miss UCC answers a question
  • Numa Numa Josh
  • Will It Blend? — David's iPhone
  • homage to Pomplamoose VideoSongs (The instruments were live on stage, and this only includes the Reason track Ben created for "Jesus Saves." Imagine a full band playing the song.)