before we leave: food and art, check!

on a hot summer day

You'll recall Ian and I made a list of things to do before we leave. Time is short, so last week we planned everything out. Here's the update.

June 9
At the church, we go out to lunch for staff birthdays. Since my birthday is after I finished working, Ryan told me to pick a day and place, planning around camp schedules. Verdict: June 9 at The Chef. I would definitely recommend it — the atmosphere and the food were fantastic. Ian also got to drive the church van there and back — how's that for memories!

June 13
Ian and I brought Fox with us for a tour of Tallgrass Brewing Company but when we arrived, we discovered to get a tour you probably have to call them in advance. Not to be thwarted, we instead went to Call Hall for some ice cream. As you can see in the above photo, this trip was successful. I also discovered a gallon of milk from Call Hall, i.e. K-State cows, is roughly $3.50 a gallon. I'm berating myself now for paying so much the past couple years on the local dairy milk available at Dillons — not that it isn't worth it, because oh my goodness is it tasty, but because there is an equally tasty and much less expensive option. We'll be shopping Call Hall for our dairy/meat needs until we move out.

June 18:
We only spent about an hour at the Beach (museum, that is), but we saw all the collections currently on display. The new addition was nice and spacious, and currently houses the collection, Destruction Framed: Photographs of the Chapman/Manhattan Tornado, June 11, 2008. While I enjoyed seeing some of my favorites from the permanent collection as well as the other collections, this made the most impact. It is strange to see such familiar sights photographed like the disasters we saw on the news in other unfamiliar places.

After we left the museum at 5 p.m. we decided the 90+ degree weather called for the adding and checking off of another local staple: Tad's Sno Cones. We drove that way and got distracted by Pet Co. We hadn't been since it opened recently, so we took a detour to check it out. We always have fun looking at all the animals at pet stores — especially the fish, reptiles, amphibians, and cats. We're eclectic like that. The highlights of the visit were the aquatic and land turtles. I put my finger on the glass of the tanks for both, and each time a turtle repeatedly attempted to eat my finger. Apparently they were hungry and my finger tips look like turtle food. We also enjoyed seeing the kittens (all up for adoption from the local shelter) and can't wait until we can get one of our own! After saying goodbye to the kittens, we finally made it to some sno-cone refreshment: the perfect end to an impromptu date.

  • the zoo: we've planned a couple potential days so we're flexible with the weather
  • the insect zoo
  • our hill (i.e. where we started dating and where Ian proposed)
  • Tuttle Creek
  • Konza
  • Tallgrass Brewing Company: one of the upcoming two Saturdays
  • So Long Saloon
  • Daylight Donuts: tomorrow morning!
  • Grandma's: next weekend