before we leave: the conclusion

In the rush of trying to hit as many places on our list as possible, taking a trip to Philly, throwing Ian's birthday party, and the process of actually moving, I never got around to blogging about how we fared with our pre-moving list. So, just in case you were curious, here's the final update!

the list:
We missed out on the insect zoo and Tallgrass Brewing Company, and didn't make final visits to "our" hill, Tuttle Creek, and Konza — all of which we can still try to make whenever we're back in town. We did get most of the list done, and even squeezed in a few unlisted fun things before we left that made up for some of what we missed. Here are the highlights!

a nighttime stroll

We took a night stroll at Jardine. The pond is beautiful and full of frogs, which are fun to find and watch. At night, they shut off the fountain so it's really peaceful sitting by the pond, listening to frogs, and enjoying the beautiful evening.

raceway 57

Board games at the Haydens' also turned into a really fun unlisted evening. Ryan has a large and eclectic board game collection, which he's accumulated through garage sales, thrift stores, and online board game trading. Raceway 57, Scotland Yard, and Carcassonne kept us up late into the night. We both especially enjoyed Carcassonne and added it to our Christmas wish list!

Even though we didn't make it to the outdoor attractions: "our" hill, Tuttle, and Konza, Fox, Ian, and I did go to Ian's professor's farm to watch the sunset. This is where Ian and Fox were building a dry-stack stone wall for a fire pit for their professor. Her family has a beautiful home and an incredible view and the sunset was gorgeous — we took lots of photos!

flint hills
orian and the wall
fox + orian

On the list was a Daylight Donuts run. We went around 8 a.m. — if you go too late there isn't much selection left, then drove home and enjoyed them on the picnic bench outside our apartment.

donut satisfaction

We also checked off Sunset Zoo, and after waiting for five years, we ended up picking one of the hottest afternoons to visit. It was still lots of fun, and the zoo, although small, has a variety of great animals and is done well. There's even a petting zoo, where Ian met a one-eyed goat he dubbed Uno.

ian + uno, the one-eyed goat

Our final completed item from the list was visiting Grandma on the farm. My biggest regret from college was not taking advantage of living so much closer to family. I got really busy with homework and activities and I know I missed out on some great times hanging out in Grandma's kitchen learning to make amazing food and enjoying time together. Squeezing in a visit right before our move doesn't make up for lost time, but I'm thankful we could make it work during a busy time of moving. I'm also very thankful I have such an amazing Grandma — I see what love is when I see the way she takes care of Grandpa. We spent some good quality time with Grandma and visited Grandpa at the nursing home. He's still doing about the same, but for a person suffering from Alzheimer's, that's a good thing.

the farm
anna + grandma

As I've mentioned before, our move was unnecessarily stressful, but we finished moving out and cleaning the apartment just in time. We have some great friends that helped us with the whole process — Ben and Storm came over to help load up heavy things, Chandra helped clean, Britni and Joe are letting us keep the bulk of our things in their attic and extra bedroom so we didn't have to rent a storage unit and/or a moving truck, and Karen housed us for a couple days as we tied up loose ends.

If you notice our move-out date and the few days we spent with Karen, you might realize we left town on my birthday. A four-hour drive isn't the best way to celebrate a birthday, but Ian's family met us at my parent's and we had a little party with pizza and a yummy cheesecake Micki made. It was a welcome relaxing evening with our families after all of the moving stress!

lighting the candles

And just four days later we were on a plane to the Philippines. We don't mess around when it comes to keeping busy!