caleb's big week

I wanted to take this time to update you on some big family news: Caleb finally got his braces off! Yesterday afternoon I went home for an eye doctor appointment, and it just so happened to be the same day as Caleb's big orthodontist visit. After I finished "eyeballing," I came home to Caleb's sparkling smile — I'm very thankful I was one of the first to see his new and improved shiny pearly whites!

caleb's braces are gone

And not only did he get his braces off this week, he also got pneumonia! How many people get their braces off AND have pneumonia at the same time? He was diagnosed earlier this week and is currently on antibiotic (the doctor said it was fine to still go to the ortho). To avoid getting other people sick, Caleb has a designated bathroom. Mom and Dad also informed me I should maintain a 3-6 foot radius to avoid the "droplets" which can transmit bacteria (it's not airborne). They, however, did not tell me this until I was already sitting right next to Caleb on the sofa. Maybe since I've already had pneumonia, I'm immune. Ian is crossing his fingers as he reads this, I'm sure.

Happy braces off, littlest biggest brother, and thanks for holding your breath to prevent germ transfer when we hugged goodbye!