Ian has a job!

To everyone who has been faithfully praying for us, thank you so much. We can't express how much that means to us, and how much of a difference that has made. This time has been so good for us, growing in our faith and in our relationships. Spending this much time with family is a blessing. God knew exactly what He was doing when He said, "wait." And now, after months of lessons in patience and trusting God, He's told us where we're going, and when!
quincy market

This past Wednesday, Ian got the phone call he'd been eagerly anticipating. Sasaki Associates in Boston called with a job offer. This firm does the sort of work Ian loves in a great atmosphere, and he will have the pleasure of working with Fox, a classmate and great friend. Also, we're thankful Caleb is going to grad school in the Boston area. We're looking forward to spending time with you both!

Ian's slated to start November 30 or December 1, and we'll have enough to (finally) afford rent at an apartment that has a regular-sized fridge and oven. No more easy-bake for us! I know, I know, our expectations are high. We're planning on moving in the middle of November, giving us time to find a good place, get our ducks in a row here before leaving, and get settled there before starting work. I'll start my job search once we arrive. Prayers are appreciated, especially for finding the right apartment and neighborhood, and for my job search.

Curious what Boston has to offer? You can check out the blog post and the flickr set from our visit to Boston during our time in Philly.

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