we were kids again

Last Sunday evening, Ian and I borrowed Dane and Micki's bikes to take a fun (not workout) bike ride around town. You can't understand how wonderful this was until you know what bikes Dane and Micki have. They are Huffy cruisers, in baby blue and champagne, with white fenders and white wall tires. Micki even has a basket. Did I mention they have bells? Ian and I felt like kids, riding around town on our sweet one-speed bikes, and we made a pact to ring our bells at everyone we saw outside. We passed by a dad out with his little girl (around two) on a tiny tricycle just as happy as she could be, and with his little boy (around six) who told Ian as we rang past, "I like your bell!" That's the best compliment you can get, right?

Also on my thankful list:
my TOMS shoes (Grandma even noticed them and complimented me!)
fall weather and colors
Pfluff making my lap one of her new favorite spots
spending a girl's night (me, Micki, and Pfluff) crafting a fun superhero paper doll for Micki's MOPS nametag (she's a mentor, it was their "homework," and she's "Super Survivor")