greetings from Columbus, OH

also known as the move to Boston so far.

This move is perhaps our easiest to date, as most of our things were already packed up. It also is the most drawn out, as we had our things in three locations and needed to coordinate the schedules of three different families (mine, his, and Britni and Joe) to get everything back together.

We started last Wednesday. Micki and Pfluff helped us pack.

pfluff helps us pack

Finished there, we spent a few days with my family. I sorted through my old things and we loaded up everything from both homes into the van. While there, we got to see Caleb in fall play for his senior year. They did Twelve Angry Jurors and performed wonderfully — I'm so glad we didn't miss it. We also got to see Nathan and Grandma at home, since they came to see the play as well. After the Saturday performance, we took some fun family photos.

family photo
siblings by hair length
caleb wasn't ready for ian

Sunday, I said goodbye to my first car. It was an emotional moment.

a goodbye hug

After the goodbye, all of us (Grandma and Nathan included) formed a caravan to get us and our things to Britni and Joe's house. For the first time since we got married, all of our things were in one place. It was a good feeling. The family headed back that afternoon, to get Caleb back Monday for school and the second fall play performance.

saying goodbye to 80s caleb

The next two days we spent seeing friends and family. I'm so glad we got to see all of you before we left — you mean so much to us. Nathan, in an act of great-brotherness, surprised us with several Jones Sodas to review on our way, just like we did on the way to Philadelphia (the pie-flavored Jones Soda was a Christmas present from him). Don't worry, the reviews are coming! We also had some great help loading up the Penske, and had fun hanging out with Britni and Joe. We appreciate so much everything they have done for us.

This morning, we left at 6:30 a.m. After fourteen hours of travel and five states, we're getting much needed rest at a motel here in Columbus.


welcome to missouri
welcome to st. louis


welcome to illinois


welcome to indiana


welcome to ohio

Tomorrow we'll explore Ohio State's campus, see Niagara Falls (a first for both of us) and hopefully make it to Buffalo, New York.

And for those interested, the frogs are doing swimmingly — they enjoy a good road trip. But as fun as the trip is, we all (frogs included) are very excited to get to Boston and see our new home.