how to move to Boston

In 40 easy steps. We've completed items in bold, and will continue to update as we accomplish items.
  1. Wait 2.5 months after family vacation for phone call with good job offer.
  2. Walk around for a week with a huge smile on face.
  3. Commence apartment hunting.
  4. Get frustrated at realtors who don't call back.
  5. Trust third realtor, who is very helpful in finding you a place to live.
  6. Have friend in Boston look at apartments with trusted realtor.
  7. Thank friend in Boston.
  8. Sign for chosen apartment.
  9. Change address via the post office form and fill out address changes for all subscriptions, financial institutions, etc.
  10. Plan complicated moving schedule, i.e. coordinate hectic schedules of two families to get scattered belongings to one centralized location: Britni and Joe's house.
  11. Realize you can't squeeze in everything before leaving.
  12. Feel sad about the things you are missing (bachelorette party, final football game, etc.).
  13. Pay bills so they don't become late because you lose them during the big move.
  14. Buy plane tickets to come back for holidays plus wedding.
  15. Watch bible study video sessions you will miss because of the move.
  16. Pack up belongings at house of family number one.
  17. Travel to house of family number two and sort/pack belongings there.
  18. With family number two, meet family number one for dinner to make up for missing Thanksgiving due to the move.
  19. Watch brother, a senior, in the high school fall play while staying with family number two.
  20. Travel to Britni and Joe's.
  21. See as many friends as humanly possible.
  22. Recruit some of previously mentioned friends to help load moving truck. Bribe with doughnuts if necessary.
  23. Buy new and interesting Jones Soda to make tasting review videos.
  24. Leave for Boston in rented moving truck.
  25. See new places.
  26. Document states via state sign photos.
  27. Try not to get a flat tire overnight while staying in Terre Haute, Indiana.
  28. Eat lots of junk fast food.
  29. Avoid creepy hotels.
  30. Get keys to apartment you have seen only on the internet.
  31. Unpack.
  32. Obtain needed furniture.
  33. Find a new bank.
  34. Get new Massachusetts driver's licenses.
  35. Laugh at how goofy new driver's license photos are.
  36. Register to vote.
  37. Contact State Farm to switch over renter's insurance to Massachusetts from Kansas.
  38. Go to first day of work/start looking for work.
  39. Obtain and load two Charlie cards, one of which is taken care of by employer.
  40. Design new blog look to go with new location.