items found in old room

Below are samplings of items I found while cleaning out my old room, so my mom can turn it into a nice guest room that isn't banana yellow and purple with yellow stars. I can't imagine why she thinks it needs an update...
  • notes written from Britni and other friends while in class (in high school)
  • recruiting info and applications from ivy league universities (had to keep those to brag, right?)
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse coloring book pages
  • my sticker collection
  • pumpkin carol lyrics
  • turkey carol lyrics
  • Britni and I's duets from forensics
  • N'Sync fan fiction Britni and I wrote in middle school
  • ACT results
  • my gumwrapper chain that was a last measure 109 feet and 10 inches long
  • hello kitty items from family in the Philippines
  • a sweet quilted red with tiny white hearts mik mik billfold
  • my postcard collection
  • scraps from all of my sewing projects
  • an unfinished quilt from Grandma made by my great-grandma (leaving in Oakley so maybe my family can take it to the person who quilts here, to finish it)
  • Lord of the Rings collectibles
  • the rough draft of a poem I wrote in 6th grade that made the "Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans" — I was such a great poet. (see below. and I also discovered Caleb has a poem in the 2006 edition — runs in the family!)

*note, this is typed up from my rough draft copy and not the anthology book...
I walk along, and as I go,
I see a pool, a hole.
I wonder, I ponder, I stop to think.

What was it?
Was it a giant T-Rex chasing it's prey?
Or a giant dinosaur just walking this way?
A flying dinosaur, starting to land?
Or a tiny one, that would fit in your hand?

What happened?
Was it a giant flood, that made them drown,
a climate change that turned the world around?
Did a meteor hit the earth so hard?
Did a great freeze kill them off?

Where did they go?
Did they simply disappear, into thin air?
Or are they still alive somewhere?
Were they funneled into another land some way?
Are they under the ground we walk on today?

I walk along, and as I go,
I wonder, I ponder — how much we do not know.