thankful in the midst of big changes

one loving husband who takes such good care of me
two amazing families who agree to crazy schedules in order to help us move
three incredible brothers — I wish I had more time with you
six months Britni and Joe let us store our things in their new house
twelve angry jurors — we didn't miss Caleb's final fall play
twenty-four hours in a Penske truck with Ian — we love road trips together, and plan to see Niagara Falls together (a first for both of us)
thirty points Bethel scored to win their final game of the season
countless friends — the ones here we can look forward to seeing in the next few days and whenever we come "home," the ones in Boston waiting for us, and the rest, scattered across the globe, whom we think of often.
infinite God, who guides our every step and in whom we can trust with everything and worry about nothing