apartment photos, as promised

Please note, tomorrow after church we're going to IKEA with Fox, so there will be some additions — mainly more lighting in the living room and some window treatments (have the stuff, need something on which to hang them). Also, there are no photographs of the bedroom. Eventually, when less than half the floor is covered with boxes, I'll get photos up.

Here is our living room, courtesy IKEA. You can buy a lot there, even on a small budget. The sofa, both bookshelves, rug, lamp and TV stand are all new.

the living room courtesy ikea

Here's the media setup — the new TV is a housewarming present from Ian's folks (Dane found a sweet deal online... it's one of his talents). Thanks again — it's amazing!

the media setup

The bookshelf that killed us to carry up (in three flat boxes, but BOY is it heavy).

the wall of books

The biggest kitchen we've ever had — please remember what we had before this. In Philly it was an easy-bake oven that didn't open all the way and a pantry on wire shelving in the hallway. In Jardine at least our oven opened, but it was a hallway of a kitchen — a one-butt kitchen. Here, we can both cook AND a guest or two can sit at the table at the same time. It's like kitchen heaven.

the kitchen

The happy Kitchenaid, nestled neatly in it's corner.

the shiny kitchenaid is home

The bathroom tile is a lot prettier looking than we were expecting (a creepy aqua-green) and thanks to an IKEA over-the-toilet shelf unit, we don't have to keep half of our bathroom things (blow dryer, makeup, lotion... okay, MY bathroom things) in our bedroom. We even have a LINEN CLOSET so the towels and bedding have a home. I feel so grown up.

the bathroom

So that's our apartment, minus the bedroom. Which is big, even if the closet isn't. I'm sure you're waiting on the edge of your seats to see bedroom photos. Please don't fall off. It might be a little while...