Jones Soda reviews, thanks to Nathan

The day before we took off for Boston, we went to Target for several needed items, including Jones Soda. Why Jones Soda, you ask? When we moved to Philly for Ian's internship, We took my Christmas present from Nathan: a Jones Soda dessert pack. On the drive, we reviewed the four different pie-flavored sodas. For our cross-country trip to Boston, we thought it would be appropriate to find another interesting Jones Soda set to review. Wouldn't you know, Target didn't have a single Jones — not even a regular flavor.

We had a lot to do that day and gave up the cause for lost. But when we went to return Nathan's car he so generously loaned us for the afternoon, he surprised us with five bottles of Jones. He's such a thoughtful brother! I felt it was only fair to post our reviews for him, even if it is a month after the fact. And they aren't as intense as our previous reviews since the flavors are more straightforward (as opposed to turkey and gravy or pear tree Jones sometimes offers).

Strawberry Lime: 90
You get a very even balance of both strawberry and lime on the sniffy-sniff. Neither flavor is overpowering the other. On the taste the flavors are also very balanced. It's a nice fresh-picked strawberry with a solid lime flavor — not as much limeade as straight lime, with the pucker neutralized by the strawberry's sweetness.

Berry Lemonade: 90+
The nose is very nice berry lemonade, like you could get at a decent sit-down chain restaurant. I can taste some blue raspberry laffy taffy, with a little bite like you'd get from tangy taffy. It really reminds me (Anna) of the summer I worked at the pool concession stand. It's sweet, but not too sweet and has a berry aftertaste.

Fufu Berry: 87
This is a solid soda, even if it doesn't have any surprises. There are some strawberry notes, and a general red berry scent and flavor, and it's not too sweet.

Blue Bubblegum: 89+
We aren't really big fans of bubblegum flavoring, but this has a nice subtle bubblegum aroma and flavor to make a more grown up drink. No hints of cotton candy and carnival rides here!

Green Apple: 89+
Another solid effort by Jones. It's a very dependable green apple flavor.
Anna: It reminds me of the summer before high school when Britni, Samantha, and I wandered around town at 7 in the morning, walked down the middle of the streets singing VeggieTales songs, and ended up at the park near the library, drinking Green Apple Jones Soda. I can't not like this.
Ian: I don't like green apple usually. But I like this.

Thanks again Nathan!