our 2009 Christmas Letter

2009 Christmas Letter

Ian and Anna are making the digital, awkward-third-person Christmas letter a tradition. It might have something to do with the fact they collectively were only employed for six months out of the year and were moving when most families were preparing aforesaid Christmas documents. Then again, it might not.

Ian and Anna left you last knee-deep in grad school and very involved at University Christian Church, where Anna also worked. Ian enjoyed his final semester of school and received his Masters of Landscape Architecture in May wearing a black robe with swathes of brown velvet in his hood. Fashion faux pas aside, it was a day to celebrate. Anna finished out her job as UCC communications secretary at the end of May, leaving them footloose and fancy/income free.

In June they took advantage of their time off, enjoying Manhattan attractions they always meant to visit but never had time for, like Sunset Zoo and the sloth bears. At the end of the month, they headed west and joined Anna’s family, then took off for a month-long family vacation in the Philippines.

It was a joyous family reunion. Anna’s extended family met Ian for the first time, and everyone enjoyed getting reacquainted after 10+ years of absence. They also were able to see the sights of the northern Philippines thanks to the travel expertise of Anna’s cousin Didy, who served as their tour guide.

Ian and Anna also took a six-day side trip to Singapore, enjoying a year-and-a-half-moon, as they didn’t have time for a “proper” honeymoon after their wedding. They were astounded at the cleanliness and safety of the island city-state, and enjoyed the botanical gardens, world-famous zoos, British influence (“Please mind the platform gap”), and the merlion. After returning to the states Anna and Ian experienced culture shock, gaining a new awareness of some of our culture’s shortcomings, but nevertheless glad to be home.

Ian and Anna moved in with Ian’s family, hoping in a month they would leave for Ian’s job. God knew better. Days before Ian and Anna arrived, Micki found out she had another cancer recurrence. They were thankful to be there as support, and there to share the joy in hearing her cancer markers are back to normal.

Attending Ren’s football games and Caleb’s cross country meets was another perk of being home in the fall. Ian and Anna also were able to experience the antics of Pfluff, the family’s acrobatic cat who loves to play fetch. Anna learned more about the family business (funeral homes) and Ian supplemented their nonexistent income by singing at funerals. The extra time also gave Ian time to work on the companion book to his master’s project, available for purchase in the near future. Hint hint.

In October, Ian got the news he had a job at Sasaki in Boston. They said goodbye to family and friends and moved a week before Thanksgiving, ready to start the next chapter of their lives together.

Ian loves his new job, where he is working on campus planning projects – one of his passions. Anna is searching patiently for the job God has for her, and is organizing the apartment and exploring Boston. They also look forward to getting involved at Reunion Christian Church, which already feels like home.

Ian and Anna hope your Christmas season is bright and full of joy and are praying for you as the new year begins.