stuck at Copley Square

Sunday was not a great day for the green line. In the morning, we waited 25 minutes at the station before a train came. When it did, it went right through without stopping. Thankfully there was another train almost right behind it and we were only mildly late for church. We were glad we didn't miss too much — the band is amazing and we love Christmas music, and the teaching is so good.

After church, we headed to City Sports to pick up an umbrella to replace the one Ian accidentally left on the bus. Have you ever heard that there are only five umbrellas in the world and they just rotate? We would have waited to find one of those, except it was supposed to rain that afternoon. We headed to the Copley station to go home and make some lunch. As we got closer, we saw lots of flashing lights.

ladder 15

An officer was standing in front of the entrance to the subway and within a few minutes there were at least 14 emergency vehicles on the scene as well as news crews. We quickly discovered that a green line train was derailed.

firefighters and bewildered cameraman

There was also a photographer we're certain wasn't with a news crew.

preparing the camera

We watched for a while, took photos, twittered. But we were getting hungry. Green line service wouldn't resume for a while, so we figured out which bus routes would get us home. It took us about 90 minutes including wait time at the bus stops. We passed the time attempting to recreate the grumpy woman's scowl from our previous public transportation story.

anna imitating grumpy woman
ian imitating grumpy woman

By the time we got home, we were exhausted and ended up just getting a frozen pizza from Trader Joe's. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, and I broke in the Kitchenaid making chocolate chip cookies. I'm so thankful for our big kitchen!

Monday, we learned a little more about the green line train derailment via the Boston Globe:

Green Line train derails at Copley Station
A Green Line trolley traveling westbound derailed at Copley Station yesterday afternoon, fire officials said. The subway line was closed for several hours while officials investigated and removed the train. About 90 people were on the train at the time, but no injuries were reported. Fire officials said the train, coming from Arlington Station, was traveling very slowly when it came off the track. The derailment sparked a small trash fire, but it was quickly stomped out. The MBTA bused passengers around the area of the accident yesterday, causing minor delays.

We also found out Fox was on the train next to the one that derailed and he was stuck down there for 45 minutes. He said the train didn't tip or anything; it just came off the rail and three burly guys worked on prying it back onto the tracks. Train derailments really put a kink in a day. Thankfully it doesn't happen very often!