to Grandpa

kenneth, orcena, anna, nathan
(photo is BC — before Caleb)

Grandpa was an amazing man. He farmed, he took such good care of Grandma, and he was a wonderful dad and grandpa. I'm so thankful I have great memories of him before his Alzheimer's got bad. I can still see him coming inside the house after feeding the cats and doing the morning chores, all bundled up in his bomber hat, coat and overalls and saying good morning to a little me, sitting at the table in my pajamas eating one of Grandma's cinnamon rolls.

It was hard seeing him deteriorate, and even harder as I got older, knowing that Ian wouldn't really get to meet him, that he wouldn't see me graduate or be at my wedding. That's also one thing I'm joyful about now — he's no longer bound by the disease and he can see what an incredible man I married, see all of us grandkids making him proud.

God's timing really amazes me sometimes, and especially in all of this. It might not seem like it with Christmas so close, but Nathan and Caleb don't have to worry about school — they can just go be with family. I haven't gotten a job yet so I can go home without any problems, either. I got the call from Dad yesterday, right after I arrived at Sasaki for the company Christmas party, which meant I wasn't home alone and dealing with it. Earlier yesterday I read Alyssa's blog post and she talked about a song called "Christmas in Heaven." I didn't listen to the song, but I read the lyrics knowing Grandpa's health wasn't the best. It makes me happy thinking this is going to be Grandpa's best Christmas ever.

The funeral will be Monday morning — I'll fly out tomorrow and be at the farm until Wednesday. Ian can't come because of work, so I'll be home just in time for us to still spend Christmas together.