what we did for Christmas break, part 1

I feel like I'm in grade school, writing an essay on "What I Did Over Christmas Break." Ahh, the memories.

We originally didn't know we were going to have a Christmas break. We knew Ian would get Christmas Eve/Day and New Year's off, but we thought that was it. And since he would only have accrued about 5 hours of PTO by then, we purchased tickets to squeeze everything into Karen and Jeremy's wedding weekend. The next day we found out the office was closed between Christmas and New Year's. C'est la vie.

So our Christmas break began when Ian met me at the airport the evening of December 23rd. It was wonderful — we slept in almost every morning, and had fun on Christmas Day (not to say we didn't miss our families).


I got Ian Carcassonne, which we spent lots of time playing during the rest of break. Ian got me the Pixarpedia along with a cookie dough scoop and a giant pancake flipper ("because you make the best pancakes ever!" — he's so sweet!)

We also did a bit of exploring. Here's the spot where George Washington took command of the army.

july 3, 1775

We even had our new friend, Ben, over for an evening of board games and coffee/tea. He was in Philly around the same time we were, working with homeless people. It was fun talking about the people and places we both know!

Overall, our break was really laid back and relaxing. That is, until Thursday, when everything exploded into a blizzard of a weekend. Stay tuned!