of baptism and basketball

These past two weeks have been pretty relaxing. I'm free to take care of things at home without the worry of finding a job. We've been keeping busy — it's nice to feel like we're getting settled and making lives here.

Last week, we had the privilege of attending Reunion's baptism service, and Ian was honored to baptize Fox. It was a great celebration.

alive in christ

We spent Saturday with K-State basketball. We went to Fox's apartment to catch College GameDay on ESPN, which was at the Octagon of Doom (ESPN has picked up on the nickname).

the purple highlighter

That night we went to a restaurant for a joint watch party with both K-State and KU alumni. The game was fantastic, with the lead going back and forth and an overtime finish. We lost, but it feels more like a real rivalry now. We also were impressed at how much respect both teams had after the game was over — a tribute to both coaches in instilling values and not just skills in their players.

ian and fox at the watch party

After the game, we walked past Fenway Park. It was my first time up close with the Green Monster. We're excited to go to a game or two in the spring!

the fenway sign

This past week, I went to my first ever book club meeting! It may seem surprising that as an English major and avid reader, I've never been part of a book club. Kristin, a new friend from Reunion, invited me to join, so I read Vanity Fair and showed up. It's a great group of ladies and I'm really excited for next month and the chance to get to know the others better.

Boston is starting to feel like home — we're building relationships, getting out, and getting involved. When I start work on Monday, I think it will be even better. I'm so excited to meet everyone at work, and put my skills to use. God is so faithful, and it's so wonderful to see how He's taking care everything for us!