Blogger's blogs of note

Yesterday I opened my e-mail, where all your comments appear in my inbox lest I overlook them. I generally get a couple every week(ish). Yesterday I had ten.

Thoroughly confused yet elated, I started browsing these comments to discover I/we've been added to Blogger's Blogs of Note.

blogger blogs of note april 2010

In under a week I've gone from 11 followers to 45. I must admit I've had small bouts of nervousness — my degree is in creative writing, and now people I don't know are actually reading my words. What if I disappoint?

But mostly I'm excited. Just ask Ian. Yesterday I couldn't peel the smile off my face. Everyone has been so positive and encouraging, leaving lovely comments. So to everyone who's new (and everyone who isn't), thanks for taking the time to make my day. I hope I can continue using my words and photos to bring joy to your life as you have to mine!