the wonky knee

charlie ticket on the express bus

She had long, almost blonde hair, gathered into a ponytail that emerged from below her baseball hat. The canvas bag she carried looked as if it could have used laundering a few years ago. It curved out in the middle, much like it's owner. Her finger maneuvered up to push the stop strip. ding.

"You want the third stop?"

"No, I need Bacon Street."

"If I make the loop it'll take an extra 10 minutes. You sure you can't just cross the street?"

Her voice grew louder and more emphatic. "I need Bacon Street. I can't walk. I'm the one with the wonky knee!" She threw her shoulders back a little and her eyebrows dove toward her pointed nose.

The bus pulled up to the first stop, and she walked off without a limp.

As the bus pulled away the driver laughed, "Wonky knee my ass. She just lazy. hoohoo!"