sunshine on a cloudy day

I had a rough time this morning — I couldn't seem to get things together to leave for work on time (Ian left early to get some extra work done), and I ended up just missing the green line train, then just missing the bus connection to work. It's so frustrating to sprint to a stop in time to see your train/bus leaving without you. A difference of only seconds, but it delayed my getting-to-work time by 30 minutes. I texted Ian about it, and he said "it's okay. I love you." And I felt better.

Then I got to work and opened my e-mail to this.
Hey you.
I'm sorry you're late today. I hope that other than just being late, the trip was otherwise ok. I love you.
Some brightside notes:
  • the oatmeal is pretty darn good
  • it's sunny
  • it's tuesday (this one could go either way, good or bad)
  • tomorrow's our lunch date :)
  • we get to have fries w/ truffle oil
  • and molten chocolate cake
  • we have jobs
  • we love each other
that's nowhere near an extensive list, but it's a start.
hope the rest of your day is awesome!
And then, sent right as I dropped my lunch off in the kitchen fridge (he can see the kitchen from his desk):
one more thing... you look great in that pink jacket
I love him so much. He always knows how to make me feel better!

ian and the red velvet wallpaper