a day on Spectacle Island

Taking advantage of the three-day Memorial weekend, we took a Saturday trip to Spectacle Island, part of the Boston Harbor Islands. Spectacle Island has been home to Native Americans, a quarantine hospital, horse rendering factory, and city landfill. Most recently, the city used fill from the Big Dig to reclaim the island, turning it into a beautiful national park.

A lot of science goes into capping a landfill to make it safe for visitors and the ocean, which is detailed in the visitors center. In keeping with the eco-friendly nature of the project, they have composting toilets (which aren't smelly — it's amazing!), and solar panels to charge electric vehicles.

We packed a picnic and took the 10 a.m. ferry to the island, which was a lovely 25 minute ride. From there, it's hard to describe, so I'll just show you.

seashells washed ashore
invoking hattie and the wild waves
leaving for someone else to find

an old chest
a walk across spectacle island
(scenic view)

anna laughing at ian
the path on the north drumlin
a killdeer nest along the path
the south drumlin from the north drumlin
solanum dulcamara
relaxing in the adirondacks

We give the experience a hearty endorsement. For you Kansans, it felt like a bit of the Konza prairie with a beach and surrounded by ocean. Just a quick trip from downtown, and you're in a beautiful natural landscape. It's like the prairie, but with things like jellyfish and seashells thrown in the mix. For those of you visiting this summer, we might drag you out to the harbor: you're warned.

For more photos, click here.