we shop at Trader Joe's part 2

When you bring your own bag to Trader Joe's, you are eligible to enter the b.y.o.b. raffle that happens every so often.

The other day, Ian got a call from Trader Joe's. He won. His ridiculous good luck is why I can't competitively play board games with him. But it makes me want to send him grocery shopping with our bags more often.

ian displays his winnings

At work, several people noted they've been entering for years and have never won. Needless to say, he got more dirty looks than congratulations, but we're happy to share the prize package with all of you!

what was in the bag
  • reusable canvas bag
  • box of Joe's O's
  • Joe coffee — medium roast
  • jar of peach halves
  • snack packs of dry-roasted unsalted almonds
  • red pepper spread with eggplant and garlic
  • crunchy & salted valencia peanut butter with roasted flaxseeds
  • deli-style spicy brown mustard
  • dried sweetened hibiscus flowers (similar to fruit roll-ups in taste and texture)
The night Ian entered the eventual winning ticket was stressful: getting home late, everything going wrong. He rode his bike to pick up last minute dinner ingredients while carrying two bags of bottles to recycle. Winning made that day a little better in retrospect. So thanks, Trader Joe's!