a delicious afternoon at the beach

A few weekends ago, Fox and Sarah invited us to join them for a trip to a New England beach. Deciding the beach was a much more interesting way to cool off than installing our new window a/c unit, Ian and I grabbed towels and swimsuits and piled in the car.

We headed towards Plum Island, which is about an hour out of downtown. On our way, we stopped at one of two Sonics in the entire state of Massachusetts — something all four of us miss from "back home." The limeades made the rest of the trip go quickly, and in no time we had paid for parking and were rounding the corner to the beach.

first glimpse of the beach

We laid out our towels, ate brownies, made sand turtles, and Fox and Ian decided to be boys and jump into the frigid Atlantic.

sand turtle
the atlantic was cold

The rhythm of the waves and the cool ocean breeze drifting over the hot sand was a recipe for nap time.

ian fast asleep

We woke up completely relaxed and decided ice cream was the next destination. Sarah navigated us through downtown Newburyport and found Gram's, thanks to her handy Google phone (oh, to work at Google and get all the cool new phones for free!).

fox and sarah enjoy gram's ice cream

After finishing off several large scoops between the four of us, Fox drove us back, sans GPS, and found a beautiful drive back to Boston. It was a perfect way to spend a hot afternoon!

final glimpse of the beach

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