isang bagay tungkol kay Nathan

When Nathan's summer project finished up in Indianapolis, he hitched a ride to Boston with a friend and spent a couple days with us before flying home just in time to move into a new place before school started. He's a busy guy.

Thursday, I took the day off to wander around Boston with him, and we covered a lot of ground, from Boston Common to the Freedom Trail.

Nathan slept in (his first day to catch up from a long summer), then we headed to the green line. His first MBTA experience was an eventful one, as we witnessed a medical emergency on our train. I was blown away by the overwhelming kindness of passengers in taking care of the lady until help arrived, but also by the irritation and voyeurism of other passengers, when a woman's life could be at stake.

We finally arrived at Boston Common and took some great photos at Frog Pond.

nathan at frog pond
the frog pond fountain

We wandered down the Freedom Trail, but took a break for lunch at the Barking Crab. Nathan, like Caleb, had a hankering for seafood.

it's kind of rubbery

He conquered the shellfish platter with ease.

nathan 1, shellfish 0

While Nathan was cracking into the last of his crab claws, a 10-pound lobster made a special appearance in the dining room.

10 pound lobster

He was very stately. I named him Henry.

On our way back to the Freedom Trail, we saw the Northern Avenue swing bridge in action. Built in 1908, it's one of the oldest operable bridges of it's kind in the world.

the boat sails through

Roughly following the Freedom Trail, we proceeded to wander around the North End, working off our large lunch. And the pastries we picked up at Mike's.


Friday, Nathan borrowed Ian's bike for a nice ride around the Emerald Necklace. We met up with him later in the afternoon and picked up a Mini Cooper convertible, courtesy of ZipCar.

driving down boylston

Destination? JnJ Turo Turo. Mom was thrilled we were taking Nathan there and called him while we were driving, just to make sure we were on our way.

Nathan loved the barbecue, kare kare, and Filipino television programming, and portrayed his appreciation through his Asian photo face (dot com!). Also note, he wore his Pinoy shirt just for the occasion.

nathan's asian face

We had a great time together, and gave him strict instructions to come back soon!

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