Scott & Bekah on the Freedom Trail

Two days after my family left, Scott and Bekah arrived to spend a few days with us as part of their East Coast vacation.

scott and bekah in the public garden

While we were at work, they relaxed and explored on their own, managing to squeeze a Fenway tour, Boston College, a Sam Adams Brewery tour and lots of downtown wandering, all into just a day and a half.

Friday evening, they had a nice romantic dinner at FuGaKyu, then came back to our apartment and we created an undead fly.

1. Catch fly — don't squish.
2. Put live fly in water until it's legs curl up.

drowning the fly

3. Place dead fly on paper towel and cover completely with salt.

add salt

4. Wait until the fly starts wiggling.
5. Watch the fly emerge from the salt pile and fly away (preferably outside).


Bekah and I thought the guys were just torturing a fly to death, but sure enough, it flew away after spending a little time in the salt pile. PETA probably wouldn't approve, but it was a fascinating experiment.

Saturday, we served as tour guides for the Freedom Trail, hitting the highlights and adding a few locations of our own.

new fountain in boston common
first stop on the freedom trail
mike's pastry is heavenly
the old north church steeple

Ian and I also took them across the Charlestown Bridge for a closer look at the U.S.S. Constitution and a trip up the Bunker Hill Memorial.

bunker hill

We conquered the 294 steps. While the photo captures the sweat, the camera misses the shortness of breath and Anna wobbling around after getting back to the ground... Life at sea level must be getting to me.

scott and ian victorious

And now I can officially say I've completed the Freedom Trail in it's entirety.

We finished up their final evening with a sunset cruise. Which we almost missed because of a light dinner at the Chart House. Their chowder is good, but the service has been extremely slow both times we ate here (we had 1.5 hours for an appetizer, chowder and dessert, and we ran out of time for dessert) and it's not cheap. If you have somewhere to be, eat somewhere else.

The cruise wasn't as great as when we went with Ian's family — much more crowded, and instead of highlighting Boston Light before turning back to the city, the crew spent the whole time getting a volunteer to fire a miniature cannon, which didn't work, and the sun had set by the time we headed back. (The difference could be weeknight vs. weekend, so if you have a choice, go on a weeknight.)

sunset over boston

It was still beautiful in the Harbor!

We finished the evening at a fried dough stand to make up for the dessert we didn't have time for at the Chart House.

fried dough frenzy

Scott and Bekah — it was so much fun to catch up with you and enjoy the city together!

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