Ian is an ESPN.com sports (fan) star

Football season is here. In fact, we were at a UNC vs. LSU watch party this weekend with some friends. Which reminded me, back in May one of Ian's lifelong dreams came true and I failed to blog about it. I'm correcting that problem now.

His dream? Make it on ESPN.

ian on espn
screenshot of ESPN.com

The ESPN.com article gave an early look at the upcoming bowl season and for the graphic, they selected a few photos of fans at football games. Which was on the front page of the ESPN.com college football section. Ian isn't too hard to miss. We received lots of e-mails, texts, and Facebook messages letting us know Ian's now a sports (fan) star, in all his painted-chest glory.

espn.com "the big picture"
screenshot of ESPN.com

And for the record, he is just as ready to support the Wildcats this year. Go State!