Shipping up to Boston College

Ian subscribes to Groupon.com — hooray for frugal spending! We don't often jump on the deals, but Ian spotted $10 tickets to a Boston College football game. And being die-hard college football fans, we couldn't resist.

Dan and Kristin, our first Reunion friends, joined us to watch BC battle Kent State. The weather was perfect for football — warm and sunny with a chill in the breeze.

alumni stadium

Compared to all of our prior (and extensive) football experiences, the game wasn't terribly exciting, and the fans were mostly calm families with younger kids. This created a different form of entertainment. More memorable than the action on the field was the little boy in front of us who cheered loudly then asked to go home, insisted his mom save his seat while going to get snacks, and attempted to drink Dr. Pepper with a twizzler without biting off the ends then accidentally dropped it in the bottle. His mom laughed wryly, "You didn't see that coming, did you."


The marching band was also impressive. They have a great sound and on top of that, they have a relationship with Boston local band Dropkick Murphys. Dropkick Murphys play the BC fight song, and the marching band plays "I'm Shipping Up to Boston." The sound of a marching band playing an Irish-flavored rock song is unforgettable.

kicking a field goal

While it wasn't the same as cheering on our beloved Wildcats at Bill Snyder Family Stadium, it was a great afternoon of Eagles football. Ian promises we'll be back for a more spirited hockey game. Time to start collecting maroon and gold!