handmade + vintage + local = the SoWa Open Market

a collection of necklaces

After our foiled attempt to visit the SoWa Open Market the day before, Micki and I tried again Sunday after Reunion. Ian, hankering for a nap since he lead music for both gatherings, headed home while we walked to Copley to catch the 9 bus. I would later regret his decision.

Micki and I checked the schedule and hopped on a bus with no problem. I wrote down the stop indicated on SoWa's web site, so we settled in and paid attention. But when the bus crossed under the MassPike I started to get worried. Several stops into Southie, and I knew we'd missed something. I talked to the driver, who informed us there was no "Albany and East Berkley" stop and suggested we ride the loop until we passed near that intersection. Getting lost on the T when going to new places sans Ian seems to be a trend. We hoped we would at least come out with a good Matt Damon story, but alas, no luck.

a colorful assortment of aprons

As we crossed under MassPike again I saw white tents, so we hopped out and quickly found the market. With a little under an hour before close (4 p.m.), we got right to shopping.


We had so much fun wandering through all the crafty stalls as well as the antiques/vintage indoor area. I came home with a couple flower hairpins and a handmade reusable drink sleeve just in time for fall. On our way home from the market, we made sure to hit a coffee shop so I could test out my new purchase.

SoWa is open through the end of October, and I'm bringing Ian for another trip. I have my eye on a necklace to match my new hairpins... (Don't worry Ian, there's manly designer stuff too.)

Not in the Boston area? Click the photo to get to the Flickr page containing the seller's link in the description.