IKEA, Goodwill and French pastries

Last Saturday's to-do list?
  • make the semi- quasi-quarterly IKEA run
  • drop off piles of stuff at Goodwill
  • sell old books to Booksmith
  • assemble IKEA bookshelf and storage boxes
  • enjoy a French date night

I'd been adding to our IKEA list all summer. It was time. We woke up early, hopped in a ZipCar and headed down to Stoughton.

saturday morning ikea run

I'm fascinated by IKEA's aura as a day trip destination. Drop off kids (if you have 'em) at the fun free daycare. Wander around in the endless pristine, organized showroom. Check out a This Old House kitchen seminar (by the way, I grew up watching that show on Saturday mornings). Share a romantic Swedish meatball lunch. Welcome to married life.

And not only does a good husband take his wife on IKEA dates, he also turns the car around and drives the wrong way through the parking lot so his wife can take photos of a sweet old truck for her photo a day project. (I love you, Ian!)

old ford truck

When you have a ZipCar on a Saturday, you really have to take advantage of it. We unloaded our purchases at home then reloaded the car with the Goodwill piles we'd accumulated and a basket of books to sell. A quick drive, and we had shed unneeded items discovered as we work through simplifying/curating the apartment. It felt good.

We then turned our attention back to our newly purchased storage solutions, which streamlined our living room. More about that in a later post.

That evening, Ian whisked me away to Paris for crepes before our movie, Kings of Pastry, at the Coolidge. It was a delicious evening, and the movie was fantastic. If you have the chance to see this, don't pass it up. The quote that sold Ian was "I never saw so many stong men sobbing at once." Who knew sugar could bring grown men to their knees?

All in all, a very successful errand-slash-date day. I love my husband. The end.